Desktop MultiFunction Printers (MFP’s)

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Desktop MultiFunction Printers (MFP’s)

1 May 2015

Desktop MFP Photo, multifunction printersDesktop Multifunction Printers (MFP’s) offer a great solution for many offices that want to use one device for copying, printing, scanning and faxing. Watts offers an extensive line of desktop Multifunction Printers, designed specifically for businesses (versus home-use units) and made to withstand the demands of a busy office. With desktop Multifunction Printers that offer printing speeds of up to 62 pages per minute, our line-up of Multifunction Printers make great single-source devices for small businesses or centralized workgroups in larger organizations. These units are available in color and monochrome devices and now offer very low operating costs, many times comparable to your larger, floor model copier. Many businesses are now using these high-capacity desktop MFP’s in workgroup settings and minimizing their reliance on personal printers or the need for multiple larger copiers

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