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Software Solutions

1 May 2015

At Watts, our goal is to help make your business more efficient. We know saving you time means saving you money. That’s why we offer numerous software solutions that can help streamline your business processes so you don’t waste your precious resources.

Capture & Distribution

Are you looking for a software solution that will transform hard copy document distribution and storage into a simplified, digital workflow? Check out the following software solutions that will revolutionize your workplace:

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    AccuSender – Securely and efficiently scan and distribute large files greater than e-mail server maximums. Leveraging either a file split function or an existing account, AccuSender offers delivery confirmation, file password protection, document and Bates stamping, and automatic routing capabilities directly from the control panel of KYOCERA MFPs.
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    DMS Link – Leverage KYOCERA MFPs by seamlessly linking to existing document management systems for fast, streamlined entry of business-specific data (indexing) and hard copy scanning.
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    KYOCERA HomePOINT – Maximize productivity and leverage existing infrastructure with intuitive scan-to and print from home folder features. Without middleware or server add-ons required, the HyPAS-enabled KYOCERA MFP becomes a bi-directional portal for files stored in the active directory account.
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    NSi AutoStore – Transform the MFP control panel into a feature-rich interface – enabling users to capture, process and route their hard copy documents. Effectively clean up digitized documents, convert them into a variety of file formats and route them to virtually any programmed destination with ease.
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    PinPoint Scan – Reduce the need for IT support and enhance document security with simplified scanning through a direct PC or Mac connection and user-defined PIN codes.
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    Sharpdesk – Desktop Document Management enables users to easily manage their documents and scanned files. The easy-to-use features help users organize, edit, OCR, and even combine scanned files for maximum productivity.
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    Teaching Assistant – Streamline the task of creating, printing, grading and analyzing multiple-choice tests using bubble sheet forms – allowing educators to concentrate on teaching and lesson plan development.
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    E-mail Connector – Provides authenticated users with access to all the features normally associated with Microsoft® Outlook®, such as global address book, personal address book and E-mail body. Sent E-mail is signed by the logged-in user and scanned E-mails appear in the sender’s “sent messages” folder.
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    MyFolder Connector – The Sharp OSA-enabled MFP now becomes a convenient way to scan and save routine hardcopy documents to any network share. Seamless integration to Microsoft Active Directory networks provides authenticated users with access to their home folder as well as shared network folders right from the Sharp OSAenabled MFP’s control panel.

Document Management

You need a software solution that will help you easily capture, store, share and retrieve your documents. Browse through our software options below:

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    Drivve – Optimize business processes by giving clients unprecedented control over their information with Drivve, an award-winning developer of document management, imaging, mobile and workflow applications. Drivve’s innovative solutions support the entire document life cycle and are seamlessly integrated with the control panel of enabled devices.
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    SharpePoint Connector – Utilize your existing Microsoft SharePoint solution and KYOCERA MFPs to transform paper-intensive environments into efficient digital workflows. Helps reduce operating expenses and improves efficiency and accountability by providing an audit trail for documents that were traditionally stored in hard copy format.
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    Portal Connector – Provides seamless integration with the Microsoft SharePoint® server, enabling users to upload scans of hardcopy documents and enter keywords right from the Sharp OSA-enabled MFP. Users can also browse SharePoint document libraries at the MFP and select where to store scanned documents.

Mobile & Cloud Technology

You need a software solution that will help your employees access information, scan documents and print them on the go. Take advantage of today’s mobile and cloud technology with any of the following products:

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    AirPrint – Take advantage of driverless printing from iOS and OS X products to select MFPs.
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    KYOCERA Cloud Connect – Connect users to their Evernote or Google Drive cloud storage directly from a KYOCERA MFP touchscreen for anytime/anywhere document scanning and printing.
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    KYOCERA Mobile Print – Effortlessly facilitate the printing, storage and retrieval of documents at the MFP with this free application for Apple and Android smartphone and tablet devices.
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    Sharpdesk Mobile – Enables Windows® 8, Windows® RT, Apple® iOS® and Google® Android™ users to easily print documents from their smartphones or tablets to a Sharp MFP. Users can also scan hardcopy documents from a Sharp MFP directly to their mobile devices for flexible storage and sharing. Scanned files can be shared with other applications or sent as E-mail attachments.

Cost Control and Security

Manage costs associated with MFPs while protecting your company assets. See what software solutions can help you below:

  • Jamex – Provide a secure, stable and reliable payment and tracking solution for self-service copy and print with Jamex NetPad Touch. Available for both credit card processing or account-based tracking and payment, NetPad Touch elevates cost control and chargeback for any organization.
  • PaperCut MF – Cost-effective print/copy management and tracking solution ideal for educational institutions and businesses. This cross-platform solution facilitates accounting, secure and mobile print release, print archiving, and mobile print capabilities.
  • RF Ideas – Blend the need for security and convenience by utilizing the existing employee ID badge for authentication and identification through RF IDeas – creating a proven, secure solution that reduces paper and toner costs, and adding an additional layer of security.
  • Ringdale FollowMe – Help organizations reduce cost, protect valuable data and optimize the efficiency of printing environments with FollowMe, the trusted solution for cost-effective office printing. FollowMe grows with the needs of the business, delivering continuous improvement to document workflow.
  • MX-SW100 – On select Sharp MFP’s the MX-SW100 software is an ideal tool for workgroups in any organization seeking to balance the often-conflicting demands for increased security, user convenience, and cost reduction. MX-SW100 print release software is a low-cost and user-friendly solution. Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory® or local database, it is designed for IT administrators to implement a print release solution throughout the organization.

Network Device Management

Optimize, track and manage network devices from local and remote locations.

  • KYOCERA Net Admin – Allow IT administrators complete control over their fleet with a Web-based device management solution. Offers customizable views for device groups according to dynamic criteria and comprehensive display of device information.
  • KYOCERA Net Viewer – Comprehensive network management tool allowing administrators to monitor, maintain and update all output devices locally and remotely.
  • PrintFleet – Provides print management and assessment software along with a host of training, business development, and support programs for dealers and distributors in the imaging and managed print services industries. PrintFleet Enterprise DCA (Data Collector Agent) software application is installed on a non-dedicated server at the client location. The DCA collects critical printing device data on a predetermined basis and sends the information to the dealer’s centralized database. Users can log into the dealer’s custom PrintFleet web interface to view and analyze the data, or set up automated service alerts, reports, maintenance flags, and meter exports.
  • Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM) – Is a device management and monitoring tool to facilitate centralized management of sharp MFPs andprinters as well as SNMP-compliant printers. From the console, IT managers can view detailed information on each device, such as network connectivity, consumable levels and impression counts.
  • Remote E-Mail Diagnostics – Putting timely and relevant information into the hands of key operators, IT managers and authorized service providers is a breeze with E-Mail Diagnostics. IT managers can easily configure eventdriven or scheduled alerts such as low consumable levels, maintenance reminders or click counts, and specify the list of recipients for each. This helps bring attention where it is needed, when it is needed, for increased device availability and reduced costs.
  • Sharp Remote Front Panel (RFP) – Is a powerful tool that enables users and support staff to remotely view the MFP’s operation panel and control its features and functions from anywhere via a network. IT managers can see the same exact screen that the end user is viewing, allowing them to quickly understand issues and take the appropriate actions to solve them. Since IT managers can control the device remotely, this capability helps eliminate a trip to the device to support users, thereby reducing users’ wait time.

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