Managed Print Services (MPS)

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Managed Print Services (MPS)

1 May 2015

managed print servicesWatts’ Managed Print Services (MPS) Program offers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for offices that are using multiple devices for copying, scanning, faxing and printing. Our program eliminates your staff’s need to manage and maintain a variety of devices and often, most importantly, eliminates your need to source, price compare and order printer supplies for various printers. The program benefits are significant and in most cases leads to immediate savings on your office’s overall cost for device management and document output. Here are some of Watts’ Managed Print Services (MPS) program highlights and benefits:

  • Full Usage and Cost Analysis completed by Watts that will target high usage and high cost devices.
  • Workflow Process Analysis completed by Watts that will provide recommendations for device location and capabilities to maximize your office’s productivity while focusing on reducing your overall cost for both acquiring the machines and sourcing supplies and maintenance.
  • Elimination of virtually all supply (ink, toner, etc.) purchases for devices which will
    • Save your staff valuable time for shopping for the best price for cartridges.
    • Eliminate the need for your staff to monitor and restock a supply inventory of toners and inks.
    • Eliminate accounting of individual purchases and credit card reconciliation for buying supplies on-line.
  • Streamlined, consolidated invoicing that provides usage and costing detail by machine, even offering departmental chargeback billing, all on one easy-to-read invoice.
Could your office benefit from Watts’ Managed Print Services Program? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then contact your sales consultant today to line up your Watts MPS evaluation!
  • Our office uses more than 2 devices to copy/scan/print/fax.
  • Our office uses more than one manufacturer brand of machines (for example, you might have Sharp copiers and HP printers).
  • Our office has a variety of different model printers that take different supplies.
  • Someone from our office spends time each month placing supply orders for our copiers/printers.
  • Our office is frustrated by the amount of money we are spending for supplies for our printers.
  • Our office has no good tracking system or budgeting system in place for what future expenses we may have regarding our copiers/printers.
  • Our office has a central area (drawer/cabinet/closet/etc.) where we stock ink/toner cartridges for our machines.
  • Our office does NOT have a maintenance/repair program in place for a lot of our printers.

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